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  • Art of the Patent Playing Cards - USPCC Stunning new limited decks of cards inspired by patent documents
  • New inventions are described in patent documents which usually have a dry written description and a number of black-and-white line-art drawings Just about everyone involved with a patent is listed on the front cover with one exception the artist who created the patent drawings In the US alone we now have over 200 years of patents nearly 10 million documents illustrating everything from cotton gin to the iPod Yet the artist is not mentioned anywhere in the patent record They remain anonymous
  • It seems that everyone is either an inventor or knows an inventor. We all appreciate the story behind a cool invention. That's why each card includes an amazing illustration and information about the invention, including the inventor's name, the patent title, the patent date, and the patent number. I'll show you how to easily look-up patents so you can read the full document--and see the other illustrations--if you want to learn more.
  • Back in 2011 a coffee table art book was released The Art of the Patent which honors the incredible artwork created by patent illustrators over the last 220+ years. The Blue Deck, which represents patents from this book with some of history's best patent artwork, is already designed and ready to go to the printers The Red Deck is also completely designed, and features a selection of the most recognizable patents of all time, including the light bulb, the Slinky Lego's Model-T Ford, etc
  • The Green Deck, which features anything to do with amusement parks, carnivals, and other amusing patents. The Purple Deck highlights vehicle-related patents... basically anything that moves people.


--- "Classic" Blue Deck --- Images are taken from patents featured in the book The Art of the Patent. Face card art is taken from actual patents and selected purely for the drawing's artistic qualities. --- "Famous" Red Deck --- Images are taken from famous, well-recognized inventions. Face card art is of famous inventors, and rendered in a "line art" type of style commonly used in patent drawings. --- "Amusement Park" Green Deck --- Images are taken from patents having to do with amusement parks, carnivals, and the like. The face card artwork includes the traditional face card images, but rendered in either a stippled technique common with design patents, or in a line art style used more typically with utility patents, complete with numerical call-outs! --- "Vehicles" Purple Deck --- Images are taken from all types of vehicle-related patents, including automobiles, bicycles, spacecraft, airplanes, and some surprising vehicles. Face card artwork includes portraits of people famous for their impact on vehicle technology, and are rendered in a "line art" type of style commonly used in patent drawings.


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